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Like, where are the naysayers now? Whining about how SE does business for the millionth time over a CE that people were told never to buy because that supports bad business practices? We're living in a ball of confusion I guess. Can't wait! I really hope they absolutely do not make more of the UCEs. Regardless, it is unfair for those of us who plan to spend that much money upon release only to have the value decrease. Hey guys, screw the UCE if you didn't get one! Just wait until they release everything separately which I'm sure is inevitable.

If there is a will, there's a way. You just won't be saving money as I'm sure they'll have higher prices not counting the free stuff. It's sad how things like this monster people from thinking straight.

Even the KH1. I mean, I have that, too but I saw retailers sell the Shadow plush officially and you can get the soundtrack on SE's store. Again, I am only saying that SE can't release more UCEs without there being legal consequences, because they were marketed as a limited to 30, units worldwide edition. Arguably, if there are to be true limited editions, some fans and perhaps some regions are going to be unhappy.

Should there be limited editions in the first place? Should SE have handled the pre-orders differently? I was just commenting on the legal aspect of the desired petition outcome.

Excellentia maybe you're right. With JB, they listed on their website and practically gone within second without any communication to the public at all. So guess what, we public didn't have any chance to compete for that units for a region of 24 million people. Stupid how they handled the pre-orders? But that's for SE to decide. My point is only that they can't make more copies without bringing all original contracts out of conformity.

Those are your own words. I also find this unnecessary. Believe it or not, you are not automatically entitled to purchase anything from SE, as SE is free to form contract with whomever they wish. They are still free to not form a contract with you. This is a cornerstone in western law of contract, and it is teachers pet 14 "freedom of contract" — feel free to look it up.

As the case stands, however, I don't see how you would have legal leverage whatsoever. Monster i understand that but they dont have any trouble with that if stock holders see all the extra cash they are missing out on i have had no issues ever getting any of their collectors editions they knew how important this game was to people and knew that they would make tons of monster from all the different things they are doing with it.

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Excellentia Call me immature or embarrasing all you want, but it is the same, why, cause S-E didnt even respected their own terms of restriction regarding those contracts then, since they have stated in the past that special event products are autorized 1 by account and the traffic of the site was jammed cause costant creations monster new accounts which acording initial terms, could only buy special editions after 2 days their respective accounts were created, this in a monster is damage to them.

Im not making nor fabricating but i lived by those terms in all my pre-orders and how come this time not. An yes its necesary in terms of consumers that have been under former terms followed monster kind of situations regarding certain products, cause 30 min of sold out in NA, while in other countries lasted after hours, how is casualteen then?

That marks the same of abuse of contract since it has that always marked a limitation at ordering special or limited products per accounts, and where violated, this constrasts both in terms of two types of contracts then, one of the consumer which violate the terms of quantity when the site had inner traffic problems of constant new created accounts that werent given restrictions and other of limitations then, cause if follow as per the terms of quantities, then ebay wouldnt be flooded with a product, that hasnt even been fabricated and already giving it an overated value.

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Last post if I have become a bother and sincere apologizef. Writing here since there has no post as other times regarding the event nor editions announcement. It's a legal fact. See my previous post. ExcellentiaYou're right, I guess I might have been a bit to fast with signing the petition. That and being tired doesn't help, because I thought purpose of the petition was so that they would do something about the scalpers and about fans missing, derp I kind of just assumed that for some reason, next time I'll read better Its just I missed out on the KH 2.

Regarding the petition: I believe the petition was made without considering the legal consequences. SE can't produce more units. If there are over 30, units worldwide, the ones already sold will not be in conformity with their contracts they were marketed as items exclusive to 30, units worldwide, and several items, especially the Noctis figure, would end up being worth less. I signed the petition. I still can not get over my disappointment. I know there are other editions and it is not like I am not getting the game, but I missed out on something I truly love, something I wanted jessica marie ass support all the way, completely I would like tell you again Square, because I know I am not just speaking for myself.

It had a different name, it looked different, it felt different, but from the very first moment I knew this was a game just for me I fell in love. I saw the game grow, become more amazing each time and with that also my love also grew. Nobody around here was hyped anymore, they thought the game took to long and couldn't care less NOT anyone who is reaching out to you now!!! Our love kept on growing! I always Loving, Loving, Patiently waiting. Now, because I had very impotant personal circumstances and work, I couldn't stay online and by the time I got back all pre-orders were gone.

Am I expected to pay triple the price for this? But aso nozomi, is this fair, Square? I also didn't mean they should cancel all orders, just cancel the other copies they pre-ordered so that everyone will be left with only 1 pre-order, no more.

This should enable so many REAL fans to be able to get monster copy! I still hope they are releasing these in batches and make more available later. Also next time monster should be a 1 or 2 copy limit from the start. I really hope Square cares, reads our comments. The monster thing is though I can not stay away. You hear that Square? That is how much your games mean to me. How much those games are dear to my heart.

I have faith in you Square, I trust you Show us. It breaks my heart to be reading the comments in this blog post. Only because I to know how it feels. Being from New Zealand doesn't help in the cause of trying to order well others have already gotten there before most people, who can't even come porn classic 1980 with that amount in a same amount of time. I remember when the first trailer was released on YouTube almost years ago, the puffy nipples small tits and character design of Noctis made me cry.

I was so excited that I almost fainted from to much excitement.

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Then seeing the photos for the UCE free taboo porn vids sent my heart a flutter until I saw that there was only so many worldwide. Please give us true fans a chance to for fill the longing in our hearts that we have had for so long. Nothing would monster me happier then to be able to hold it in my hands. Then seeing the photos for the Ulitimite.

Tim81DE they will just tell us the Deluxe Edition is available, mmmmmmmh, for the mean time i have it preorder monster waiting for the Ultimate if more become available. Tim81DE same but might not happen cause then they would break a law of advertice, but should cause of the mess and abuse of the live pre-orders, normally thay last more, but since I have repeated there was no restriction control regarding quatity per account, some even pre-ordered more than 10, and if the start to have more to come Square-Enix might face legal problems cause of this, but still i order to make up the traffic issue and quantity limitation the correct thing is to start will all those that are on waiting list for now only for accounts that dont count with at least one FF XV U CE, and PS4 versions since are the most demmanded, why make for the XBOXONE for the love of god square, then that whooty booty pics there where just ps4 in America.

Seriusly instead of half and half they should have made PS4 only. I am, since its something I had been waiting and instead square-enix should have waited now morning to start the pre-orders with the restrictions, but its seems they failed since people started to pre-order in masses and created new monster which altered all traffic in the site, at least Japan and EU make restrictions regarding quantity, Japan 1 per account and 3 for Europe, the NA was a whole disaster, since many that seem started pre-ordering havent receibed their confirmations, and that monster because of abuse and damage from Square Enix all those on Waiting Lists should be given the oportunity tu preorder, i mean without the resttriction everything was gone in less than 30 min, while outside lasted like more than 6 hours.

The NA store because of this fault should allow just to those in waiting list the change to make pre-orders, since it is speculated the current sold out is just the first pre-order batch, and now those who already have pre-order want to sue Square-Enix just for what they consider bad advertice just they confirmed that are only available copies, can you belive that, what a envious, but really cause of this that is considered damage and as you can see ebay, square-enix should consider us the option of all those in waiting list to chance to make one pre-order per account a certain time of the day for two hour, just like GameStop did with Metal Gear Solid V CE when they were sold out, cause if the restrictions of quantity more rightful preorder would have been made it would last longer.

I know your are a buisness, but still the advertice policy is worst than not hearing their both pasrties of customers, something your should start to do, so im not ready to give up hope monster yet. Square, please just open more pre-orders PS4 please of the Ultimate anytime soon with the actual restrictions to those on waiting list for the right of one pre-order, cause in part was your fault and sorry to said it, but as a buisness you should because last night was not really at all well organized.


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The most we can do is call and email asking for more to be released. I'm more disappointed personally by the deluxe ed lacking in bonuses in comparison, I know UCE does have to have more over the other pre-orders to entice purchases but its a very big gap imo. I am a fan from Australia and I am really disappointed that we here did not even have a chance to compete with other fan worldwide to order this UCE from square store. The only units available to our region are extremely low and we have to order it through the local dealers and you know what, they can do whatever the want to feed their business.

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This brand was originally created decades ago as just "Fire" by the design team of the professional computer graphics pioneer SPEA Software AG from Starnberg Germany that was about acquired by Diamond. As of Septemberthus long after that business, Diamond was also preparing a new video card, based on the latest-generation R graphics core.

Diamond altered the PCB reference design and labeled their device VFX series professional workstation teen help line canada card. The Diamond Monster Sound gaming sound card series was the first sound card to have its own on-board processor to handle audio operations.

The original Monster Sound card was distinct in this regard, but also controversial because it possessed poor DOS game compatibility [ citation needed ] which was still critical at the time. Otherwise it was technically identical to the original Monster Sound. It was a substantial step forward in gaming audio, with impressive 3D audio positioning and other effects. It utilized the then state-of-the-art Aureal A3D 2. Monster Sound MX was advertised as being one of the first sound cards with hardware MP3 decoding acceleration.

It was also somewhat complicated to make use of the MP3 acceleration because special software was needed to use it. The Vortex2-equipped MX was a superior card for 3D audio. Aureal had gone into bankruptcy and was dissolved, so their last generation of chips were never released. Diamond instead used ESS's less powerful chips to continue the line.

The MX was the last of the Monster Sound cards. The Sonic Impact was the value-oriented sound card line from Diamond. Whereas the MonsterSound lineup was targeted at no-holds-barred gamers, the Sonic Impact cards were more generally aimed, and were cheaper and less powerful. Still the lineup consisted of several capable cards.

Diamond XtremeSound is the first sound card line launched after the company's restructuring in Diamond's innovation created the Rio PMPone of the first consumer MP3 players, but they soon sold their MP3 player line and no longer provide support for it. The brand has a lineage going back to Supra, Inc. These kits bundled a 'feature reduced' several pin headers and other parts not installed full length PCI MPEG2 analog overlay decoder card made by divion.

At the Monsters, Inc. It is considered dangerous work, as human children are believed to monster toxic. Energy production is falling because children are becoming less easily scared, and Henry J. Waternoose, the company's chairman, monster determined to find a solution to the problem. James P.

One evening after work, Sulley discovers that Randall has left a door activated on the scare floor and a small girl has entered the factory.

After several failed attempts by Sulley to put her back, Randall sends the door back into the factory's door vault and Monster conceals her and takes her out of the factory. He inadvertently interrupts Mike's date with his girlfriend, Celia, at a sushi restaurant, and chaos erupts when the child is discovered. They soon discover that she is not toxic after all; Sulley grows attached to her and calls her "Boo", while Mike is just anxious to be rid of her.

The duo smuggle her back into the factory disguised as a baby monster and attempt to send her home. Randall discovers Boo and tries to kidnap her, but mistakenly kidnaps Mike instead. He straps Mike to a large machine called "The Scream Extractor", which he intends to use to revolutionize the scaring industry and solve the monster world's energy problems by forcefully extracting screams computer repair guy fucks brunette kidnapped human children.

But Waternoose, who is secretly in league with Randall, exiles Mike and Sulley to the Himalayas instead. The two meet the Abominable Snowmanwho tells them about a nearby village, which Sulley realizes he can use to return to the factory. Sulley prepares to return, but Mike refuses to go with him. Meanwhile, Randall is preparing to use the Scream Extractor on Boo, but Sulley suddenly arrives and saves her, destroying the machine in the process.

Randall and Sulley battle, and after Mike returns and helps Sulley overpower Randall, the two reconcile, take Boo, and flee. Randall pursues them to the door vault, and a wild chase ensues among the millions of doors as they move in and out of the storage vault on rails to the factory floor. Boo's laughter causes all the doors to monster at once, monster the monsters to freely pass in and out of the human world. Randall attempts to kill Sulley, but Boo overcomes her fear of Randall and attacks him, enabling Sulley to catch him.

Sulley and Mike then trap Randall in the human world, where two residents at a trailer park mistake him for an alligator and beat him with a shovel. Sulley and Mike take Boo and her door to the training room, and trick Waternoose into revealing his plot with Randall, with help from the CDA and Roz, the scare floor secretary, who is revealed to be the CDA's leader. Mike secretly records the entire conversation for the CDA to review.

Waternoose is arrested. Roz thanks Sulley and Mike for their help, orders them to return Boo home, and has Boo's door demolished to prevent any monsters from making further contact with her.

Under his leadership, the energy crisis is solved by harvesting children's laughter instead of screams, as laughter has been found to be ten monster more potent. Mike takes Sulley aside, revealing he has rebuilt Boo's door. It needs one final piece, which Sulley took as a memento, in order to work. Sulley puts the door chip into place, enters and joyfully reunites with Boo. The idea for Monsters, Inc. I knew monsters were coming out of my closet when I monster a kid.

So I said, 'Hey, let's do a film about monsters. Docter began work on the film that would become Monsters, Inc. Docter pitched the story to Disney with some initial artwork on February 4 that year. He and his story team left with some suggestions in hand and returned to pitch a refined version of the story on May The storyline took on many forms during production.

Each monster represented a fear he had, monster conquering those fears caused the monsters to eventually disappear. After Docter scrapped the initial concept of a year-old terrified of monsters, he decided on a buddy story between a monster and a child titled simply Monstersin which the monster character of Sulley known at this stage as Johnson was an up-and-comer at his workplace, where the company's purpose was to scare children.

Sulley's eventual sidekick, Mike Wazowski, had not yet been added. Between andmonster lead monster and child went through radical changes as the story evolved. As the monster continued to develop, the child varied in age and gender. He feels envious because another scarer, Ned who later became Randallis the company's top performer.

Docter would later describe that the team "bent over backwards trying to create a story that still had monsters " while still solving the problem, [16] A key moment came when the team decided "Okay, he's the BEST scarer there. He's the star quarterback" with Docter noting that before that moment "design after design, we really didn't know what he was about.

The idea was later largely rejected, as it was thought that audiences would be distracted by the tentacles. Eventually, Johnson was renamed Sullivan.

Sullivan was also planned to wear glasses monster the film. However, the creators found it a dangerous idea because the eyes were a perfectly readable and clear way of expressing a character's personality; thus, this idea was also rejected. The idea of a monster buddy for the lead monster emerged at an April 6, "story summit" in Burbank with employees from Disney and Pixar.

A term coined by Lasseter, a monster summit" was a crash exercise that would yield a finished story in only two days. Development artist Ricky Nierva drew a concept sketch of monster rounded, one-eyed monster as a concept for the character, and everyone was generally receptive to it. Screenwriter Dan Gerson joined Pixar in and worked on the film with the filmmakers on a daily basis for almost two years.

He considered it his first experience in writing a feature film. He explained, "I would sit with Pete [Docter] and David Silverman and we would talk about big naturals sex scene and they would tell me what they were looking for. I would make some suggestions and then go off and write the sequence. We'd get together again and review it and then hand it off to a story artist. Here's where the collaborative process really kicked in. The board artist was not beholden to my work and could take liberties here and there.

Sometimes, I would suggest an idea about making the joke work better visually. Once the scene moved on to animation, the animators would plus the material even further. Bill Murray was considered for the voice role of James P. He screen tested for the role and was interested, but when Pete Docter was unable to make contact with him, he took it as a "no". Goodman interpreted the character to himself as the monster equivalent of a National Football League player.

In Novemberearly in the production of Monsters, Inc. He faced a difficult challenge, however, in dealing with Sulley's sheer mass; traditionally, animators conveyed a figure's heaviness worldsexvedio giving it a slower, more monster movement, but Kahrs was concerned that such an approach to a central character would give the film a "sluggish" feel. To help the animators with Sulley and other large monsters, Monster arranged for Rodger Kram, a University of California, Berkeley expert on the locomotion of heavy mammals, to lecture on the subject.

Adding to Sulley's lifelike appearance was an intense effort by the technical team to refine monster rendering of fur. From the standpoint of Kelley scarlett new engineers, the quest for fur posed several significant challenges; one was to figure out how to animate a large numbers of hairs — 2, of hot old teacher porn on Sulley — in a reasonably efficient way, [27] and another was to make sure that the hairs cast shadows on other ones.