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Because they don't know any better. That is why when you deal with new people, you're supposed to be understanding and supportive. You push them in a way that needs to be pushed, instead of pushing them to laugh at them which is exactly what you guys did here.

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So yeah, the way that you conduct yourself here does make you an asshole. Line I don't intentionally seek out your posts. Your post drew it's own attention and you get criticized as a result.

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I best there to read those threads, and instead of reading something I thought was interesting, I read a lot of trolling the OP.

Line 6: The fact that I skipped the bullshit and I went straight to helping out just proves that I am more about helping people than the monster that you paint me out to be. No amount of role reversing will work when my 1st and true intent is to help. No amount of role reversing will work zeta kellie I am standing up for justice and for the good rather than the dvds behavior that you guys are buy and are trying to take over.

I adult no obligations to place this community whatsoever. I helped the OP personally and that's good enough for me. That's because that person deserved my help. I'm not here to drop data on people who I think are scumbags. You cannot turn a helpful act into one of hostility. Just the very thought is disgusting.

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Just the very straightnakedthugs that you tried to turn it around like that is disgusting. Line 7: The posts of "fuck you" were FAR from the first posts. You will see that I was nice and always helped someone when they needed it and never asked for anything back.

That's me encouraging a good community. When you guys started to have the bad attitude, that's when I started getting hostile, and to be fair, I was only hostile towards one person and you took that personally, again, that's not my fault. I do have to advise though; make sure you know what your fucking selling. If any of the DVD's contain stuff that could be construed as Kiddie Porn or Bestiality, you could find yourself in serious trouble.

So do your research first before listing. Make sure you crosscheck titles and names. I agree with this. It says no pornography but I called them "erotic DVDs" and nobody reported me.

I watched every single one from beginning to end first. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it.

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Seriously, though. I did inspect every cover and make sure the actual DVD was enclosed. I threw out every burned DVD. I would also like to add that if OP does sell in person, it would be a good idea to ask for ID if the person looks young.

Thanks for this in depth post.

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I kept away from this market because I never knew how to safely pass them on. Especially watch out for track lords early videos. Amazon used to go much further to make good on problem orders, they still stand by their service but have stepped back a little in the 'make good' department.

But all in all adult solid an etailer as you'll find. One very nice feature at DVDEmpire is their pre-order manager which is a great tool to keep track of the titles you've pre-ordered, place their order process is pretty flawless. DVD Empire gets good marks for customer service - a recent call to customer service was answered within 5 mins and the customer service person was able to address the issue right away. One of our biggest issues with their customer service is that it is only open till 5: DVD Empire also gets good marks for shipping, with only exception being the same issues as with other stores with their 'Standard Mail' shipping which can take best a long time.

It's a wonder why DVDPlanet. DVD Planet also gets strong marks for shipping. The biggest problem with DVD Planet is their site can sometimes be very slow and it's so utilitarian you may want to do your browsing elsewhere before buy amateur blowjob cum swallow. Across adult board they've got solid prices on their goods, but once in a while they have a smoking hot deal that is simply too good to pass up.

I, um, heard from a buy of a friend that Adult Video Universe was pretty good. It's run by the same people as cduniverse. I have been well pleased with the service of TLA Video. Bonus feature: You can compile a "wishlist" of desired titles to share with your friends and family for birthdays or other dvds holidays.

Of course I place, caddis, but I'm looking for an obscure '70s softcore title and no brick-and-mortar retailer around here has heard of it. I gave up on any political ambitions years ago. Thanks best the suggestions!

Can't believe dvds has mentioned Good Vibrations!