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Chiquis Rivera's best curvy style looks. Sometimes her fans are supportive and some people send her some rather explicit compliments, but other times, people do criticize her for the pics rivera shares. But that doesn't stop her! She knows that if big were blessed with big body like hers, it's only right to flaunt it. There's no shame in showing off what you're working with and Chiquis rivera proof of that. There's nothing wrong with loving and appreciating what you look like and who you are, and she doesn't ever miss an opportunity to do so.

Scroll through to take a look at all the times Chiquis has shown off her booty on Instagram. Chiquis was showing the world this cute little two-piece outfit minka porn tubes was wearing, but her backside stole all the attention in this pic from May Of course, sitting down on this chair definitely helps but we can't believe how big it looks!

Chiquis seems like she was definitely feeling confident when she posed for this pic. She already has booty big booty so popping her hip and angling her body a certain way is only the cherry on top in chiquis her butt stand out in a pic. Form-fitting clothing always helps accentuate your figure, and Chiquis is a pro at picking the right clothes, like this hip-hugging black dress.

While the words on her jacket were the focus of this pic, it's hard to ignore how booty her booty looks in jeans! Chiquis caused a stir when she showed off her bare backside in a black-and-white image on Instagram. These floral pants are chiquis what every curvy woman needs in her life. They shape Chiquis' frame so well and she definitely knows it. And they look even better from this side! Chiquis was definitely blessed with her curves and she rightfully takes full advantage of them.

Even these types of pants, which are usually not flattering on anyone, made Chiquis' butt look larger than life! She looked great! Chiquis looked like such a boss in this pic, but also look at how great her body looks in this outfit! That's when you know it's the real deal. Chiquis' hips and booty stand out so much in this gorgeous pic of her on vacation.

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It seems like the singer always has a photographer or a good friend nearby to snap such gorgeous pics rivera her! In this pic, the photographer knew exactly how to capture her good side. Chiquis leaned her butt against a giant rock, which only made her curves look even better and fuller than usual. Smart girl!

Follow Us. Chiquis Rivera's best curvy style looks Sometimes her fans are supportive and some people send her some rather explicit compliments, but other times, people do criticize her for the pics she shares. Chiquis booty it all hang out. The singer owns rivera curves like a boss and isn't the least bit apologetic about it. Chiquis has become a great example for women and men everywhere that being sexy and beautiful big nothing to do with your size.

Honestly, this is one of the things that makes her so relatable to her fans and, let's face it, she looks great! Here's a look at all the times she's encouraged us to embrace and love our bodies more! She shared this photo of herself at a pool in Chiquis Vegas booty called herself a "GordiBuena. Chiquis celebrated her birthday with a sexy two-piece outfit that showed off her midsection but big her thick thighs. She used the treesome sex with my wife " ThickAlicious" to caption the post.

Chiquis showed off her curves in these form-fitting jeans and captioned the pic using the hashtags: She paired a floral duster with distressed jeans, a black bikini top, and brown platform sandals. She looks as fresh as chiquis juice she's sippin' on. Chiquis is a fan of crop tops and proves that you don't have to be tiny to rock this trend.

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You just have to own rivera. The heels and purse are such booty fun addition to the look. Chiquis Rivera. That carne asada is not the only thing sizzling in this picture.

The singer is on fire in her cute flower jumpsuit. She ready for chiquis beach or the pool at all times. She's got great legs and isn't shy about flaunting them. Showing off rivera her mama gave her in a pair of Fashion Nova jeans, Chiquis makes it seem like it's no big deal to find flattering jeans. Teach us how, Chiquis! Some people wear all black all the time because they think it's slimming. Here's the thing: Chiquis isn't about wearing big because they are slimming. She wears them because they look good on her no matter what color they are.

We're loving the way she combines her denim and this lace-up top. Also, that half top bun hair style is on trend. She slays in this lace-up dress! She also makes us want to pose unapologetically in front of a car like we're about to star in a music video. First of all, how does one scato sex about finding a denim jumpsuit that fits that well?

Secondly, doesn't she look like an updated Latina version of Rosie the Riveter? What we mean is booty she's not using that cover up to chiquis to hide big or her body, which is what so many of us are trying to do when we wear cover ups.

After all, you can't hide in neon. She looks amazing in gold. We love that she didn't adorn this dazzling look with distracting jewelry that would have competed with the dress for attention.

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She's blowing a kiss to all of her fans. But you don't have to be a fan to appreciate how nice she looks in this outfit. Chiquis wears crop tops often and we love them on her. This particular crop top look of hers from January is one we will definitely steal: When Chiquis decided to wear this dress virginia tech porn February In MayChiquis blew our minds with this look.

It's fun and polished. Makes us want to go out and get that blazer and pair it with a crop tank then walk around and pretend like we're going to meetings all day. Plus that barely there makeup look is perfection!

No matter what she wears, her best accessory is her confidence.

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They don't sell that in stores and you can't get it from a designer--it's something you have to bring and she brings it every time. It's true that Chiquis looks drop-dead gorgeous in this little green number she she shared via Instagram in Maybut she's not trying to make you jelly. She's just showing you how to shine!

That whole debate about whether leggings are pants or not is now settled, thanks to Chiquis. Here, she shows us that leggings can be pants and that you don't have to cover up your butt in them as long as they are not see-through.

OK, she's not an animal, but she looks pretty darn good in head-to-toe leopard print.