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There are a number of reasons for this. The main one is building confidence. Most men will find cotton to be a smart choice. Fleece sweats are also great if you want extra comfort! Just undress like you normally would and then get into your gym attire — underwear free of course.

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So much so that guys have reported having coregasms. When you feel yourself becoming firm, just gym with it and try not to fight the sensation. Once you get to the point of wearing only shorts, use caution. If you arch your legs too high or bend them to freeballing, you run the risk of your anatomy spilling out. Not wanting to be left out, other guys will likely follow your lead! Originally Posted by beer n brats.

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Puberty for Boys Sports and Fitness Well i guess your norms and freeballing or as you call it "etiquette" are different then gym. First of all, I have respect for myself, I know who I am and the I want to be. Your opinion is not the wright one, mine isn't either There are thousands and thousands opinions across the whole wide world so stop thinking yours is the chosen opinion and the one and only wright one! My opinion is like a droplet of water in the ocean just as yours is.

They are all unrecognizable in the waves.

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You say "no". Okay thanks, I will keep it in mind. Thanks for your reply, I really mean it, thanks! April 5th, Never have and never would. I prefer to be supported while I workout. Just your normal straight dude here Hit me up sometime to chat. Im open and can talk about any subject. Very laid back cruiser sorta bud. I'm everyone's friend. I did once because I forgot to bring clean underwear to change into after the gym. Awkward experience I will never repeat.

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Next time i'd rather go freeballing on my way home. I am very open to talk to everyone. If you have any question - just ask. I am young but ready to help Don't get me wrong, but no pics, no cam of any kind at any time!

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Please keep in mind:. If there is a language problem, please contact and correct me! My native language is German. I have to agree with Zenos, I think out of respect for others, going commando in a public gym gym acceptable. I mean okay, if you forget clean underwear the something like that then I understand but to purposely go in without underwear and work out isn't really 'right'. I mean what if somehow your shorts get ripped damaged or something freeballing that, everyone in the room might see your junk and it isn't very pleasant.

Plus I don't understand what satisfaction someone would get from it. April 6th, I don't do it when I go to the gym. With out the support I think things could get hurt and the flapping isn't good. Why not stay home and work out in the nude?