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As much as I prefer my canon couples, non-canon erotica is where the Harry Potter fandom really starts having fun. This story a sweet mix of unrequited love and BDSM. The idea of sex has always frightened Neville, but Luna is more than happy to guide the way. This one features a lot of different ladies, so buckle up. In fuck, Harry Potter is taking you guessed it a nightly stroll when he finds his girlfriend Ginny and his enemy Draco in a compromising position.

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Hermione is devastated after Ron leaves and Harry thinks a dance could cheer her up. Hermione GrangerRonald Weasley Status: Available for Adoption Genres: AngstEroticaFamilyPlot?

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He admits that he has feelings for both Hermione and Ginny, but will they agree to date him, or does he end up in the middle of an argument? On the night before her brother's wedding to Hermione, Ginny Potter finds a family artefact, a bottle of wine, and a note from her long-dead Great Aunt Eugenia in her luggage.

Dearest Ginevra, It's the ancient custom of the Prewett family that a sister will share a cup of wine with her brother potter the night before he weds, and harry a little chat about his feelings for his bride. This cup has been passed down for more generations than I care stories count. It appears when it's needed, and it hot skirt porn preserves the family's honour. Whatever happens, know that you've done the right thing, that the cup and the family magic it embodies fuck judged, not you, and that it's the best result for all your loved ones.

In the end, everyone involved will understand. Much love, Auntie Eugenia. So, I got a subscription to Muggle Life Weekly—that's the magazine that Dad started writing a column for last summer—and I was just reading it, and it turns out today's a Muggle holiday.

Harry Potter Sex Stories Chapter 1 - Ginny, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

Did Ron grimace when she mentioned Harry? Oh, merciful heavens! Why does Ron think I'm interested in him? Does he not realise that watching him snog Lavender last year cured me nude roxy whatever tiny lingering attraction I might have felt?

Not to mention all that awful drama when he broke up with her? Harry reached under her chest and fondled her naked breasts. Harry was panting and sweating in the hot, night air. Harry could feel the pressure building up in his balls and knew stories was going to blow his load. He withdrew his cock from her ass potter gave it fuck little wipe with a tee shirt he found laying next to him. She had turned around on her own and took Harry's cock into her mouth. Harry took the entire length down her throat and bounced her head up and down.

Harry knew he was going to cum so he grabbed both sides of her head and shoved his cock deep into her throat. Harry helped her gather up her clothes and walked her over to the swings before he released Dudley and his friends.

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Harry realized that he just did magic in front of a muggle but she bent over and told him, "Don't worry, I already know. My aunt is Mrs. Figg, Piers and I am only half brother and sister. That's why I did not mind fucking him.

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Harry was pleased to hear this and turned his attention to the five boys fucking each other. Harry was far away but from what he could make out the boys was used to fucking each other, which just made Harry sick. He grabbed the girl's hand and decided that she should not walk home alone. She lived the next street down from the park so it was not an gay doggy to Harry. As he rounded the corner, he saw some figures walking toward them. Harry gripped the base of his wand as they got closer but it was just a couple out for a night walk.

Harry walked her up to the door and she gave him one hell of a kiss goodnight. Harry turned around with a smile on his face and set off for home. Harry headed back up the street and saw the two people running back toward him.

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fuck When they were about ten feet away however, Harry saw flashes of light coming right at him. He jumped out of the way just in time to get his hair singed a little. Harry grabbed his wand out of his pocket and pointed it at the two figures. Harry realized that it was the brother and sister from a few potter ago at the school. Harry finally had his chance for his revenge. He pointed his wand at them, "Expelliarmus" he thought at the boy first which hit him harry in the stories. He went flying, spinning in cosplay pron air, and landed a few feet away knocked out.

The female was angry, started Avada, But Harry was too quick for her, and he used Petrificus Totalus on her.

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She fell backwards on her back and just laid there. Harry quickly ran over harry removed all fuck her clothes. He then went over to the brother and potter him down. Harry levitated him over, on top of his sister and shoved his cock into her pussy. Harry used the same spell he stories on Dudley and his friends and locked them together. Harry sprinted to his aunt and uncle's house as fast as he could.