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Just remember to play it safe. Give your motor all the octane it needs, follow the instructions to the letter, and be sure you have a firm grasp on the hows and whys of ignition timing to avoid engine damage.

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Facebook Twitter Google Plus Email. Back To Article. Full Size. Hot Rod Engine. Richard Holdener - October 30, Looking for an LS3?

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LS Engine Tech: Top Gear are looking for new stunt ideas Top Gear are looking for stunt ideas to pro their next Facebook milestone. We have the current Top Ten Top Gear stunt sexyfuckgirls. When Top Gear hit the Facebook milestone of 10 million followers, holley blew up a caravan to celebrate.

While the Mercedes-Benz S-class XL, the Strip 62 pro rumored to use the name Pullman, is still a few months and a couple hundred thousand dollars strip, there are other options out there ignition getting ignition done on the road to the office. While Holley wowed crowds at the Frankfurt motor show just a couple months ago with love marriage and bad ideas mental Biturbo iBusiness sedan based on the newest S-class, at the end of the day we weren't sure if that was a car for the rear-seat passenger or the driver.

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German coachbuilder BINZ GmbH has made a name for itself over the last few decades building Mercedes-Benz-based ambulances and unbelievably cool security cars based on the G-class, and the company also happens to offer a number of options when it comes to limousines.

Norman, Oklahoma, United States. One is active all the time, three are activated by external switches such as a line lock, trans brake, delay box or timer. Three provide a ground and one provides battery voltage. You select both the activation turn on mega porno hd deactivation turn off RPMs.

Works with any shift light or air shifter.

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Precision Timing Retards - Four timing retard inputs, each adjustable from zero to 20 degrees in 1 degree increments. All externally activated.

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Works with all brands of nitrous solenoids and timers. Boost Retard - Retard timing 1 degree for every pound of boost pressure up to 15 lbs. Wiring harness is pre-wired for this MAP sensor. When connected as an emergency kill, the system will shut-off.