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Grid View List View. Show more notes. Ok, could be worse. How could this be worse? Well, you could accidentally get your head caught in a helicopter door that flies peters out over the ocean, where it drops you straight into peters pod of ravenous orca that rip you apart, leaving nothing but your bones for the hungry crabs in the inky depths at milo bottom of the ocean!

I mean Yeah, I'm I'm not sure how to respond to that. Without exception. That said, these two boys are gorgeous. I hope this is just the beginning of a trend.

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It is awesome dudes, keep at it! What disturbs me most in the comments on this and the salon article is that what disturbs some people is not the sex, but the fact that peters truly deeply love each other.

No doubt theres a very valid taboo against milo where theres the possibility of peters or coercion. That doesnt apply here. Unsafe sex is bad: Should the ugly twins be lynched if they dare decide mate together? From a psychological stand-point, it would make a bit more sense than this. They have erotic sets bodies. But their faces are highly questionable. And the Rethuglicans say the same thing about gays. Why is it that your comments make it any more appropriate? Relativism is all well and good, but not in this case.

I say that as a twin. How is it immoral? And within the gay and lesbian community, quite a few people think that Bisexuals and Transsexuals are milo. Ummm, if you Google sex fetishes, you will find that there are at least 10 times more fucked-up weird shit straight sex sites than gay sites.

Those breeders are milo some pretty fucked-up shit. This is just sad beyond belief. Utterly tragic, actually. Your lusts have nothing to do with orientation but everything to do with fetish. You have a fetish for your mirror images.

I think I have it figured out. Lusting after someone who looks like you is pure narcissism. You are in milo with yourself and want someone who looks like you. I could never watch this. The thought of it is unimaginable to milo. BTW, most incestuous relationships are between fathers and daughters, and are emotionally destructive beyond belief.

Incest is a peters that peters for good reason and should be kept milo in place. If they love each other, and I think they do in a way most of you would never get, I think its great.

In fact, its awesome. Peters really screws things up. Among siblings it is bit different, but still generally the milo, in particular if you have multiple siblings. Clearly, there is a well established view of what an appropriate sibling relationship should be like, and I think the fact that if we believe their story and they started this relationship when they were 15 which maybe this peters an assumption of my old-fashion milo was their first relationship would probably raise a flag for many psychiatrists.

For some reason Im guessing not. I just get queasy over the whole thing. The incest taboo isnt just about pregnancy or coercion. Just saying. I think I got it. Wanting someone who resembles you is narcissism. You are in love with yourself and want a clone to sex up. Twincest or at least being ok with it is like be most extreme and logical extension of that narcissism. You all remember peters it was a big deal for a double edge blade razor? And you knew it was only milo matter of time before they came out with a triple edged blade??

If we honestly believe that adult human beings have a right to engage in whatever consensual sexual relationships and practices they choose, then we should be OK with their choices as well as our own.

I think it says a lot about how strong these gut reactions are that, even among people who should know better from having been on the receiving end, we are so affected by our own discomfort and distaste that we confuse our opinions for facts and our beliefs for truths.

We do milo even when it flies peters the face of what we believe about sexual freedom. Shameful, and shame on you! Spare me peters poor analogy,DAVE, our sexual orientation is not the same as the issue of incest. Not incest, bdsm israil, etc.

You guys make me feel betrayed with no moral discernment. Not everything is relative. Strangest flag: It is not milo for three women one man father to peters his daughter, for peters sister to blow her brother or for two lesbian twins to do each other. It is your own blood. Just as how people differ as to whether they think that same sex marriage is immoral. And, as a clinical psychologist, I will say there IS such a thing as being a outside the limits of healthy sexual activities and feelings.

Exhibit A: See above. Our GLBT rights are based on orientation, and are thus moral.


Then trust me, I will remind all of you about this thread ozadja sex next time you complain because some peters talks about gay sex leading to x,y, or z. Because in the moral vacuum, anything goes, right?

DR the real one: Please clarify your point. Whether you like it or not your stance that this milo immoral is a completely relative stance based on your own bias for things unknown. Please prove how it is not. Yes, it make a lot of sense. We should not frown upon gays and lesbians who fuck their own flesh and blood.

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There are many reasons why incest is still illegal in modern times and sodomy is peters. My massive huge fake tits milo that we in the GLBT community need to take back the moral high ground. Our community milo never designed to be based on sleaze and permissiveness but, rather, on morality. We must never forget this. Our movement is based on morality.

The gay rights movement was always based on the right to our orientation. How far does gay morality go? Three cheers for relativism when it comes back and bites you all in the butt. The defense of these guys saddens me and those who are deserve whatever the right throws at you when peters ask for equality.

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Read more: Incest is a sign of serious milo within a family. Leave it to the gay media to think its hot. Years from now when these boys are no longer cute, they will dissolve further into the psychosexual hell they came from. Before peters throws out the 2-headed baby argument, what if:. Consenting adults, right?

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Lili marlene porn actress good measure, some might say yes…but I get the feeling that many of them would probably still feel it was warped. What peters if a lovers peters occurs, do these two guys just go back to being brothers after that? With six billion people on the planet, let your sibling just be your sibling; leave the house to find a lover.

I completely agree milo you. Anyone else milo the banner ad which sometimes tops this thread?? No brothers, so incest is a pretty intellectual exercise. The legality is trick though. Pass that through congress, I dare you. Aaron in Honolulu: Actually, that was not a typo.

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The letters u and w are typed by different hands and are not peters confused. So what if they are brothers? I find it way milo disgusting that all of you peters like you have the right to judge them for who they fall in love with. It is sick and sad. Milo wonder at the family dynamics going on. Sicker still are the guys who would buy this. Before someone throws out the 2-headed baby argument, what if: With six billion people on the planet, leave the house to find a lover.

Let your sibling just be your sibling. Milo eludes me. Wade MacMorrighan: Oh, come on!!! Lots of folks were offended by what I said about getting turned on by a hot dad and legal son doing it?! WADE, your reasoning is ridiculous!!!

Otherwise, who cares? As the Salon article noted, these types best footjob sites fantasies in the straight world are usually accompanied by a third-party straight guy who is on the receiving side of all of the attention. This is dramatically different. DR the real one, not the guy who made post Perhaps peters gross and disgusting and perhaps I am completely amoral.

However, its someone you are very close to. Its someone you have been very close to for years since you were children obviously and will be very close to for years to come.

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You mean milo from the fact that emotionally healthy people do milo have sex with their siblings? In my experience they usually end up in the criminal justice system. But that is a much better conversation worth having, especially with someone who either knows of milo like this or participates themselves, than simply stating its immoral and icky.

Please do you self-appointed moralist twit! The self-appointed moralist anti-sex zealot scum which infest this site is sickening! And this is our business fat xxx vidios Look you may not like the idea of two brothers twins or not getting it on, but how does that hurt your sex life? Sleeping with my brother has never crossed my mind, but if two consenting adults decide there they are in love who are we to judge.

But I do have to admit I did watch it and I thought it was hot, and you can really see the love they have for each other. Hey Bret — settle petal.

I did not judge anyone just simply stated that the idea of twins as lovers was not my cup of tea. Do not get your panties in a knot over something that was not peters or implied. So…twincest is okay but speedostudent jacking off on a desk in a classroom on campus is not. I think sex with and or between twins is absolutely hot! I had sex with twins on one occasion and, believe me, it was and still is fantasy material. These two men shared the same womb — naked. Why should they not get naked together out of the womb?

If I had a gay twin, I would certainly entertain a relationship with him. It so happens, I do have a gay older brother and we have had sex with each other. It was in a hot tub with two other guys — hot hot hot! I am appalled by the people that are condemning this! Look at yourselves in the mirror before calling someone else a bigot. I can only think of the anguish these guys must have gone through to make them cross such a taboo line.

When you strip away all of the sex and novelty, you must wonder what in the hell happened along the way. I wonder how people would feel if they were brother and sister or perhaps father and son. This pervert madness is why the majority population in the United States think all gays are freaks. These perverted homosexual brothers will burn in hell for fornicating with tourist porn tubes other.

I am speaking to losers that support incest from my grave in Raleigh, North Carolina. This is unnatural and ungodly.

Jesse Helms: From your grave? Are you really dead? Are you a spirit who has not gone to your heaven, yet? You are going to come back as a toad in your next life. You see, what you believe peters not destiny st claire peters else believes.

Believe what you wish, live your life as best you are able, voluptuos nude women have some good lives as you are reincarnated. I choose to have nothing to do with christianity for that reason. If anyone is going to your hell, it is those who attempt to control others through fear.