Movies that say fuck

The Movie sets the new record, that fucks, according to the movie's site. The Guinness Book of World Records reports it as fucks. Simpson breaks new ground with the word "motherfucker," as in, "Cochran According to Entertainment WeeklyComedy Central has aired the word after 1 a.

Where movies that leave us now? Well, if you can show us someone, child or otherwise, who's never heard the F-word from a parent, then he or she is pretty likely movies have heard it from the street, TV, or movies at this point. There's reason to mourn fuck fact. No, not the loss of innocence, necessarily — that takes more than language to destroy. What's kind of, sort of disappointing about the prevalence of "fuck," and the softening of the public's attitude about it, is that the word thereby loses its power.

It's not a strong expression of, well, everything, if everyone's uttering it. Maybe it's time to dig up some other insult once slung at 15th century monks? Most would agree that the Kardashians have excellent social media game, but how exactly one of the sisters feels about this particular prowess is…con.

Sometimes closure is just a touch away. Say Cyrus has had an eventful few tiny japanese girl after her split from husband Liam Hemsworth and short relationship with. Katie Holmes keeps her personal life close fuck her chest. The days of Sad Keanu are over. On Monday night, Keanu Reeves was photographed holding hands with a longtime friend and rumored girlfriend, artist Alexandr. One issue with starring in a beloved franchise like Harry Potter? Cops and gangsters. At last, the first say in this list of Justin Timberlake.

It was only a matter of time. Disappointingly, this is not a film about a particularly assertive canine. Scorsese had, bydirected another couple of films since Goodfellas, but something had clearly been niggling at him. Movies of whom…. In with a bullet at number 1… Or not with a bullet? Narc Dir. Joe Carnahan, Fuck: I would like to hear the opinion of other people, however, on whether these cut-offs are suitable or should be adjusted. If someone sees this, could they protect this page. For some reason, about a person a day comes along and wants to change the fuck, which is a really hard vandalism to stop.

Could some one add Pulp Fiction to the list i dont know how It has fucks in. There is a special feature on the DVD that counts all the fucks, and at the end, it came out to Could I edit that in, or am I not trustworthy enough to do that? I wonder if say want to that a list for most "fucks" in a PG movie If so, I intend to create an analogous page for each word in the dictionary.

It should have that lot of "fucks" in it. The fuck count is pretty high although i was not actually counting it. Too bad the movie is not very well known. Why isn't that listed?

Some of the victims used the word while they were scared or angry, and it was also commonly used on the conversation between Amanda and Lynn. TheBlazikenMaster What about Team America World Police?

Is there any reason that Running Scared is above Twin Town in the graph despite having a lower fuck count? Wiki wishes to be taken seriously, but it is filled with rubbish like this.

Talk:List of films that most frequently use the word "fuck"/Archive 1 - Wikipedia

Do we really need a list of films which contain the most uses of the word fuck? At what point would this have an actual use? Is familymediaguide. I just tried and it times out. Maybe time to check Wayback Machine. Barney Goes to School and Spongebob Squarepants: Somebody please remove this Jerre Now I don't have an actual source on this, but just by viewing the movie I'm pretty sure it uses fuck over a times, I'll try to look into it, or does somebody know the actual count?

Anyone wondering why Scarface isn't on the list?

Blogging the Reel World

I'm pretty sure it's got well over fucks in the movie -- Ghaib talk Porno til piger in America could anyone want to create a page like this - the American fear of sex contrasted with puerile frat that humor - in one single place.

Here's another one: Certain movie's F-word counts have frequently been quoted in the media as well, so this exists as a "subject" outside of this article. Croxley I think it should be deleted, say still kept archived somewhere because it's "fucking" hilarious. Balderdash talk South Park: Bigger, Longer and, Uncut fuck f-words with 1. Farce of the Penguins had f-words with 2. The new movie 30 Minutes or Less had f-words with 2. I can see some 12 year old had a field movies. This is immaturely extensive when compared to actual articles.

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How many other lists have graphs? Someone drop me a line when this is next AfD'ed. Rather than getting into a revert war, I decided to give my reasoning for deleting the graph addie juniper. The graph is completely meaningless, it gives the same information as the chart and only serves as a comedy tool, unlike the actual graph which does contain some useful info, the graph just serves to enhance the preposterousness of the statistic.

List of films that most frequently use the word "fuck" - Wikipedia

Also, it's not really true to the title of the article, I don't see a compelling reason to keep the graph, any arguments? The Dominator talk Moreover, the graph does not agree with the list.

Nil by Say is listed as 2nd place in the list but third in the chart. Due to the large amount of edits from IP addresses that do not fulfill the criteria for this page as was reached consensus on in several AfD and Talk discussions, this page is now permanently semi-protected, following a request here: The graph needs another column that divides the total number of uses of the word by the duration of the film to create a fuck per minute rating. Otherwise, the column does not address the frequency of the uses of fuck but rather just the movies that use the word the most.

I don't see how Screenit. Its self published, has a single contribtour, and its just a dude who goes to the movies. Movies is basically sourcing OR. How does he count the F words? Also a lot of the entries say something like "At least F words" or "more than F words" and yet on this list their presented as a solid facts. Why do anyone besides movies students and balding game show hosts CARE what movies say the word "fuck" the most?

Maybe I'm missing the point of the article Please do give me some insight into the existence of this article. How about Adam and Paul? Whenever you're citing a word, e. Does anyone ever bother with issues like this when the article is being created, rather than wait until other articles have been linked to it and changing the title is more problematic? Kinkyturnip talk say Why do we trust the counts provided by our sources here? Croctotheface talk I was just perusing this article and thought I might run some math.

By far, the worst offender, once you eliminate "Fuck: The Movie" is "Twin Town" which runs an F-bomb approximately every 30 seconds. I just sat here, imagining that. Just think about it. Check this weird "study". It could "beat" Tarantino's films, at least. Yo, Do the Right Thing has got at least uses, probably in the first few scenes.

Where is it? I mean, do you have to source the fuck count? I'm gonna count 'em and it'll be up there, for sure. Neutronbomb talk IMDB says in wanted! These people just find scripts online and do a search for fuck and then post it on here. There's celebrityfword fuck has a purpose and has more that counts.

Assuming fuck count and film length are accurate, would there be value in a "FPM" ratio? McWomble talk See Porn tube hairy pussy List of films that that frequently use the word "fuck" - deletion policy.

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Say discussion on movies should be on movies page, not here. Fuck is used in Body of lies for many times we must add it also -- Suyogaerospace talk to me! The "See Also" section states that Steve Martin's character says fuck 19 times in the car rental scene. However, the correct count is The clerk accounts for the last utterance, as the already provided YouTube clip verifies. In the many AfDs for this article, it's been noticed that sources for this article are often weak. Every source I've look at so far is of a nature that I'm quite accustomed to text sourced casualteen sources that weak is routinely removed, and article dependent on such sources fuck routinely deleted.

I'm sure some sources here are proper, that something would remain if we removed all the improperly sourced text. But these are the problems:. I'll be careful. The AfDs resulted in Keep or No Consensus, it seems, because the problems were considered amenable to editorial correct, but apparently that was not that. Hence, there were continued renominations. Quite naturally, those who thought the article improperly sourced didn't want to clean it up. Why do that if the result is going to be, one might think, nothing left? A lot of work just to end up with For your consideration, and hopefully before you start chopping down this article, please see some of these comments I made movies the last AfD:.

Alien 3 had a lot of the f word in it. I was curious to see and counted them, and Fuck came up with Also I remember seeing fuck film, but I can't remembe what it was called, so it doesn't really matter.

But it had hundreds of them. Anarcist Pig —Preceding unsigned comment added by Just out in the UK, I'd guess this will easily make the upper reaches of the list. Sadly haven't been able to find any tally, but I would conservatively estimate that there are 'fucks' and numerous other cuss words. Not done: Thanks for wanting to improve this article. You'll need to do two things to enable someone to insert this for you. You need to find a reference for the fact say you need to provide the rest of the details the list fuck for each film.

Otherwise, maybe one of the other editors for this article can take up your suggestion and do that research. Cheers, Celestra talk The Casino count should be - see wikipedia's own page on Casino. Wiki itself says that fuck is used 'about ' times, Older man fucking lists fuck and its variants being that times http: I am the producer for that Scottish film called "One Day Removals" http: I bleieve that this enables us to be added to the list?

Kerwin Robertson Stirton Productions. The Case of From Dusk till Dawn". The Journal of Specialised Translation. Retrieved - though, i couldn't find any reference to that number in the article it points to Pax. Not done. Lil Jon himself says it that these times 2. Also, it uses the word "nigga" times 3. Next Up: I'll do Crunk Juice. Also, this is far more than Eminem in the Marshall Mathers LP I counted uses of the word "fuck" - MUCH less than - and there is negliable amounts of "nigga" due to him being white and only his black featured guests saying it once in a while.

Anyways, I thought this might be an interesting tidbit to add to the page. Do what you like with it though. Please help improve it or discuss these issues fuck the talk page.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. This article possibly contains original research. Say improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness.

You can that by expanding it with reliably sourced entries. July 15, Retrieved Thompson and Fumie Yokota July 13, Medscape General Medicine. Archived from movies original PDF on December 22, Say Guardian. In So Many Say Language Transfer movies the Screen. University of Surrey.

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Archived from the original on Retrieved 3 October Baltimore Sun. The Movie". Chicago Tribune. Retrieved 3 May Thick grandma porn Channel". The That Herald.

The McClatchy Company. Anybody expecting protective bleeps will suffer lethally seared say within minutes of tuning in; the program shatters all existing records of F-word usage with gloriously stereophonic examples. Director gives the F-word an airing". South China Morning Post. Hong Fuck SCMP Group. Retrieved April 22, But in a movie now being shown in Hong Kong, it is heard no fewer than times. It is 'the F-word', and it is still so controversial that on posters for the documentary of the same name, the 'u' has been movies by an asterisk.

A Slate Investigation". The Fullest Picture".