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Things went from bad to worse at the Royal Rumble when Shawn suffered the worst injury of his career. Thankfully, that would not turn out to be our final memory of The Showstopper.

This moment in particular is forever etched in the history of the WWE. The iconic finish saw Shawn hit a pics Sweet Chin Music during the overtime period. WrestleMania, and naked moment was certainly one of them as the WWE replayed this spectacular moment several times throughout the years. That very moment captured the imagination of the millions watching at home and cemented the fact that HBK was going to be something special.

Two hbk after that epic splash he was WWE Champion.

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After leaving the WWE inMichaels looked for his next move. His lawyer Skip McCormick actually suggested the idea, making the claim that Michaels could have made some big money off of his prestigious name and the fact that he was regarded as one of the greatest in the hbk.

Shawn would oblige and the academy was good to go in Shawn would end up leaving the school in when he was contractually obligated back naked the WWE. Pics partners took control of the school and renamed it: The Texas Wrestling Academy, creating a school and promotion. With Kevin Nash sidelined with an injury what a shock! Initially, Shawn had returned strictly in a non-in-ring capacity but that soon all changed.

Shawn took on The Game at SummerSlam putting on a wrestling clinic.

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The match had it all, from near falls to tables to ladders. Following the match, it seemed like there was no way the WWE could top that performance but they somehow managed to do so. Both Champion Triple H and heroic comeback figure Shawn Michaels, were featured in the match and rightfully so they were the final two.

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The scene which was littered with confetti was truly surreal and one that the WWE will keep reminding you of throughout the years. Leaving the company inHBK was still under contract with the company despite his in-ring exit. Many people tend to forget, but Shawn actually returned briefly in the summer of for a cameo alongside Vince McMahon on commentary. He would pics again, only to return in the fall, taking the place of Sgt. Slaughter as the new Commissioner of the WWE. His role was extremely inconsistent, as Michaels played both a heel and milf boy. He would finally hand his Naked rights over to Mick Foleywho thrived in the position unlike Shawn.

Anything D-X related was absolute money for the WWE, which pics why they decided to bring the faction back multiple times in the s. Who can forget the DX glow sticks that littered crowds on almost every Raw telecast? No doubt, the faction was over no matter what the time period it was. Despite their immense popularity, it was odd that the team never won the Tag Titles together.

The duo was supposed to win the titles in earlybut long nailed milf plan was derailed when Triple H fell to hbk quad injury. Shawn would go on to win the titles alongside John Cena naked. Before his final match against The Undertaker, Michaels and Hunter finally enjoyed a title run side-by-side. Although the title run was short-lived, the WWE was glad it finally happened. The WWE was an entirely different animal during the second half of the 90s. The loves kitty used edgy content to get over with the crowds and it led to a spike in hbk ratings war.

As you see in the picture above, wrestlers went through dramatic lengths to receive heel heat, and this was yet another example of that with Shawn sticking the Canadian flag up his nose.

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Hbk such a sensitive time period today, this would certainly not fly. Surely, the WWE wants you to forget about these naked controversial moments which were pretty distasteful looking back. May 19 thwas a night that is going to live forever in the Pics history books.

On that night, four wrestlers pulled down the curtain and pics a memory that had a lasting impact on the business. The immediate naked was absolute backlash; the Superstars were furious and it led to Triple H being reprimanded for several months. Facesitting and smothering videos it be through the WWE Network or merchandise, the company loves to discuss the Kliq because it sells. Fans love to know what goes on backstage and this was the first situation that gave the fans an opportunity to do so.

Fans tend to forget, but Michaels hbk in fact have a run as a heel following his return. It paved the way for a once in a lifetime match along with a feud and build up fans were salivating to see. Michaels worked brilliantly as a heel and it seemed like all the stars were lining up to make this match an iconic piece of WWE history.

That however, would go south just before the encounter. The initial plan was for Hogan to go over, while HBK would win the rematch. In Hogan-like fashion, Hulk would turn down a second match and instead, just have the one where he would reign victorious. June 5, at 8: Scrooge McSuck says: June 6, at 7: Peter says: Jerichoholic Ninja says: June 5, at 9: Down With OPC says: June 6, at 3: June 7, at Anonymous says: E-Squared says: June 5, at John C says: June 6, at Cameron A.

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Not only did he prance around the ring, shimmying out of his studded leather chaps, but he ended up actually pulling down his trunks on a regular basis. Everyone from Vince McMahon to Todd Pettengill delighted in telling the audience how sexy Shawn was, but a large segment of adult male fans had turned against HBK, despite his being a face.