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For more than 15 years, my scholarly interest has been in collecting and interpreting personal histories of gay men dafne rosen Australia and in gay English-speaking countries including Hong Kong, India, England, New Zealand, and the USA.

Long olde I began this, my interest men personal histories evolved from the many years I spent meeting and speaking with gay men in bars and men and during fleeting or long-term intimate relationships. Reality does not always match the stuff of dreams and while for some coming out can be a wrench, for others it can be an easy transition, depending on their social situation.

Generational identity and ageing are strong themes olde my work. The former developed as an interest when I was comparing experiences of different cohorts and noticed how gay social mores, in particular homophobia, affected their well being and sense of self—thus supporting an argument that sexual identities were historically contingent Robinson, My interest in ageing arose because of the valorisation of youthfulness that I observed on the gay scene decades ago.

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I've tried a couple of internet senior dating sites. The book has a good-read section with chapters dedicated to real-life experiences. Too much dedicated to statistics and study charts however. So, if you like that sort of thing, great for you and is an excellent price. A bit out of date, naturally, but still a good source for basic knowledge of and insight into how gay men look upon their aging. To this day, even in the 21st century, not enough has gay written about older gay men.

Olde, this new edition felt soooooooo dated! They use "gay liberationist," rather than "gay rights activist. men

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Because that pandemic so damaged this population, articles before olde seem waaaay obsolete. I love Quentin Crisp, but he wrote the forward and he's been long deceased. The study here was based upon men who would have been my grandfather's men.

The added articles don't give this a modern touch. You can appreciate this book from an historical stance. However, as something to quote in modern papers and gay, there's very little here.

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