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Human brain can rewire itself after traumatic bodily injury November 5, Physical activity may protect against new episodes of depression November 5, Neuroscience See all. Neurology See all. How brain injury can and to post-traumatic stress disorder November 4, Number of people with dementia will double in twenty years October 29, AI See all. Why music makes us feel, according to AI October 31, What 26, books reveal when it comes to learning language October 25, Robotics See all.

Psychology See all. Thai fuck doll, anxiety, insomnia: Table 3 High school adolescents' perceptions of older siblings' sexual behavior, Mekelle — Table 4 Binary logistic regression of factors influencing sexual behavior of high school adolescents in Mekelle, — Discussion Sister study provides into risky and protective effects of older siblings on younger high school adolescents.

Acknowledgments Our deepest gratitude goes to the School of Nursing, Health Sciences College, Mekelle University for proper review and approval of this paper. Availability of data and materials All data and materials of this study are readily and openly available, and we are ready to hand these over upon request.

Author contributions All older contributed to data analysis, drafting or revising the article, gave final approval of the version to be published, and agree to be accountable for all aspects brother the work.

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Disclosure The authors report no conflicts of interest in this work. References 1. Global Health.

Having many siblings lowers your divorce risk

Worled trends and recent estimates: Child Trends. Assessing specific sexual behavior: Int J Educ Social Sci. Kirby D, Lepore G. New York: New Dir Child Adolesc Development; Siblings difference in adolescences sexual behaviour influnce prosses model. J Marriage. Schemit RL.

Adult Sibling Relationships: How Siblings Affect Your Health | The Healthy

The reference othe orentation In: Carbodale, editor. An Extention of the Reference Group Concept. Carbondale, Illinois: Southernillinion University; Adolescence siblings relationshipe and influnce. Marriage Family. Widmer ED. Influence of older siblings on initiation of sexual intercourse.

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Having an elder brother is associated with slower language development - Neuroscience News

But having an older brother isn't all bad. Other studies have found that children with older siblings are actually better at some of the social aspects of language, like joining in conversations. And it's also important to note that although statistically significant, the size of the effects in the study were rather small — and restricted to just a sample of French speakers.

It remains to be seen whether similar results are seen in children in other cultures or who speak other languages. Reprinted with permission of The British Psychological Society.

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Older sisters, but not brothers, improve kids' language skills - Big Think

Were you the golden child? It may not make you happy. Purdue University and Iowa State University researchers found that depressive symptoms were most common in adult children who claimed to be closer to their mothers than their siblings were.

Why do adult siblings stop speaking? Take a look at the psychology behind sibling estrangement.

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Pennsylvania State University researchers analyzed five years of yearly interviews with nearly children. Participants ages 12 to 20 were asked about their perceived romantic competence, such as if they would be fun on a date or if others would find them attractive.

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At age 12, perceived romantic competence was significantly higher among same-sex siblings. But by age 20, opposite-sex siblings perceived themselves significantly more skilled than the same-sex siblings.