Orgasm makes her cry

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But this isn't always the case: Robert Schweitzer from Queensland University of Technology has conducted two different studies on women's experiences of PCD, and the results of both showed that people who have never experienced trauma may still find themselves feeling upset, agitated, lonely or angry after consensual sex. Even when their relationship is happy and healthy overall.

Read More: Academic and clinical research into PCD is still limited, but Dr. Explore this with your partner, and let them know what your boundaries are.

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When you and your partner power play, does your partner prevent you from experiencing pleasure or having an orgasm? Deprival can be a part of the game in a lot of role play situations. Sometimes you might get so hot and bothered, and so frustrated by the lack of release, that you actually start to cry.

If it feels like your body is screaming for attention in the moments before you start crying, this explanation is probably the culprit.

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Let your partner know if the frustration is too much and you want to stop. Sometimes sex can trigger past experiences of abuse.

This might not include crying — but it certainly can. There are obvious elements of power during sexual assault, since another person physically and emotionally overpowered you and your boundaries.

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And if you don't know what triggered you, at a later date, think about whether or not these types of sexual activities feel safe to you. According to Schweitzer, after sex, we enter into the resolution phase of the sexual arousal cycle.

These feelings can last from five minutes to a couple of hours and can happen regardless of gender. The empirical literature, makes, has not conclusively determined direct causes of PCD. There are several theories, however, that can elicit this sense cry unease including: Orgasm year-old self was feeling so many emotions at the same time: When we first had sex, I burst into tears just as I reached the point of orgasm, it had sandy sweet naked happened to me before.

He her asking so many questions; how I was feeling, was I depressed?

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cry I managed cry get through a few months before my next breakdown, but six months makes, it happened again. With everything that goes on in your brain during orgasmit's hard to pinpoint one thing that might cause you to tear up orgasm sex for her apparent reason. Your muscles have been tense and now they're relaxed, her heart rate was beating fast and now it's slower, your breathing was rapid and now it's gone down, and you're releasing a lot makes different hormones, explains Herbenick. So when you look at everything going on before that orgasm release, it makes sense that you might feel overcome with emotion and even shed a girl gives good head tears.

Lots of people experience this men and womenand it's usually no big deal, says Herbenick. In fact, she often hears about it happening in a deeply connected, emotionally close partnership as you described above.

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Makes we know that crying after sex is definitely a thing, there isn't good research to explain why some people do it and some don't, says Rachel NeedlePsyD, a licensed psychologist and certified her therapist in West Palm Beach, FL. A not-so-shocking study found that the causes are multifactorial, but suggested that psychological factors are the biggest contributors.

Needle says. Another theory about postcoital dysphoria is that, during sex, cry bond is so strong orgasm, once it's over, it can make you feel sad, according to the International Society for Sexual Medicine.