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Forgot your login details? Or login using: Don't have an account yet? Sign Up. Already have an account? For example, the South Korean government in the 70s used to regulate lengths, premarital sex if it was based on false promise of marriage, and prohibited much of skin exposure on TV.

Because the citizens expect the government to institute protective measures for public morality to a certain extent, it is more likely that government censorship over Sora.

Aside from the content of the website, there are other reasons why Sora. The website features a discussion board, which allows registered users to post original content.

South Korea revenge porn: Sora owner arrested - BBC News

One of the boards is exclusively geared towards amateur voyeuristic pornography. Users share anything from up-skirt images to images captured by hidden cameras installed in public restrooms and homes. South Korea has a criminal statute that expressly forbids the use of cameras or other recording devices for voyeuristic purposes. It also illegal to sell, distribute, lend, or display in public those images consent.

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Even if the victim consented to having those pictures or videos taken at the time, one still violates the law if one sells, distributes, lends, supplies, or publishes those recordings without consent at a later date Art. Therefore, of the voyeuristic materials posted on the discussion board likely violate the statute. However, due nude skincare cleansing facial oil the anonymous of the Internet, and the sheer of postings each day, enforcement of the statute is virtually impossible.

More alarming still is the fact some users use the message board to solicit co-conspirators for rape, along with other heinous crimes. The discussion boards also serve as a place for the drugs that would make women unconscious, and the ease with which one could asians xxx access to such substances is alarming.

These acts can sometimes amount to prostitutionwhich is also illegal in Korea, because perpetrators often solicit payment for providing such opportunities. Many perpetrators film the process, may use the recordings in the future to blackmail the victims into silence. Unfortunately, despite the fact that the website is fraught with sexual crimes against women, there has not been a reported case of prosecution tied to the website.

As mentioned earlier, the anonymity and lack of cooperation from the website would make it very difficult for enforcement to track down these authors and verify the truth of their postings by gathering Because individual prosecution is almost impossible, the only recourse may be shutting down the website altogether. Typically, governments block user access based on IP-addresses.

The user is re-directed to a warning page informing him or her that access to has been blocked pursuant to government regulation. The Korean government employs the same tactic with Sora.

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However, Sora. The problem is further exacerbated by the fact that Sora. The site was following a public outcry. Some of the women who had in the videos took their own lives. South Korea saw its largest women's rights rally in May, when more than 10, women gathered in Seoul to demand the authorities do more to investigate digital sex crimes.

SORA-NET LTD | | The Gazette

Many women have been angered by the of a female model, is accused of photographing a male colleague naked without his consent and posting the photo online. Asia selected China India.

South Korea revenge porn: Sora owner arrested 26 June Image copyright AFP Image caption South Korean women have been demonstrating against sexual abuse Police in South Korea have arrested one of the owners of a notorious revenge porn site banned in