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Skip to content. Learn directly from the master of nude photography. Cologne, Germany. Bitesnich guides you through the complete creative process. This will help her feel more comfortable and understand what she has to do.

The lens specifications for professional nude photography may be different. Everything depends on a model and a photographer. Nevertheless, I like to use 35 or 55mm lenses. This is a rather popular choice among nude and portrait photographers.

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Such lenses are usually smaller than zoom lenses, so they are less intimidating for your model. Photographer, they give good nude and help take close-ups or shoot different parts of the body.

When photographing nudes, it is not always necessary to ask the studio to be completely naked. Sometimes you can add various details to create a stunning composition. These special details should fit the color gamut and the general idea of the photoshoot as well as add a special touch to the photo covering the intimate places.

You can use books, musical instruments, large chairs, flowers, feathers or light fabric of pastel colors. Even if you do not have interesting accessories, you can always use Photoshop to make the pictures more original and remarkable.

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It is possible to add special effects, various details and shapes. It is possible to hide her face studio shadows, props or asking her to turn away from the camera. Nude lack of a face in photos often adds nude mystery. It is difficult to explain why, but such type of telugu pron movies is also less controversial and explicit.

Natural lighting is perfect for any studio photo shoot, as it can give the image a more artistic look if you shoot during the sunset. Also, it gives good and even lighting if you take nude photographs on a bright sunny day with reflectors. These may be shadows from blinds, curtains photographer trees outside.

All you need to do is to place the model almost opposite to the light source. This variant is suitable for photographers who live on the upper floors. You can use photographer, special kits or a couple of bright lamps. You can get the best nude photography results when you leave a little mystery by covering intimate places.


Try new cilla porn. Or try shooting from the floor — you will avoid getting furniture in your photos and might end up having just walls and ceiling in what you capture, plus the perspective can be very studio if you figure out how to use it with a combination of a human body.

All you need for that is good lighting and a model. Lucie Nechanicka Nude photography. Yes, even if you think you are not adept at modelling, trust me you are! It is photographer awesome advantage not having to explain to the models how to pose — you just do it yourself.

When connecting your camera must have Wifi with an app in your phone, you can even see yourself and control the camera from your phone nude like with a remote control. Which sometimes is more than you think! Photography is about your brain, not about your equipment.

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If you can learn how to work in a bad environment nothing can catch you off guard ever after! What results do you think you will have then once you get a studio?! And last but not least — keep educating yourself.

Read books about photography, study other photographers work, go to galleries to see paintings.

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And observe the colours, shapes, lighting, different styles. All of this in a fun, friendly and relaxed setting with an award-winning Auckland photographer! This was exactly what I needed. Thanks for the truly amazing experience. Boudoir in French means "bedroom", and with regards to professional photography, refers to images that are romantic, sensual and seductive. It is not necessary to be nude or overly revealing in Boudoir Photography. Romantic female boudoir portraits are the perfect gift for yourself, your husband, boyfriend, significant other or the groom on your wedding day.

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Designed to flatter you in every way, this form of portrait photo shoot portrays your inner beauty and seductive charm. Our boudoir portrait photography is crafted within our magnificent boudoir setting and featuring tasteful and classy props to enhance the feeling of sensuality and romance.

Boudoir portraits are perfect to gift for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, Valentine's Day, Christmas or just as a unique romantic surprise. View our Auckland boudoir portrait gallery.

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Modern day Glamour Photography is designed to be a fun and highly rewarding adventure for everyday women of all shapes and sizes. With our hectic modern lifestyles it's easy to overlook our own needs and desires, we tend to be so busy putting other people first. So, welcome to the ultimate pampering experience!

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Defined, glamour photography means SEXY - posing in a sexy or seductive manner while wearing revealing clothing, lingerie or even sometimes topless. Explore the advantages of studio lighting Practical sessions throughout.


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