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For example, smokeless tobacco was the most common tobacco product used by boys and girls aged in Nepal inwith prevalence of Waterpipe smoking has historically been more common in some parts of Asia and north Africa, but it has become popular among young adults, particularly college students, in some other countries.

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Prevalence of the use of more novel nicotine-containing products including e-cigarettes among youth has substantially increased in some very high HDI countries. In addition to cigarette smoking, the use of all these products needs to be addressed appropriately by tobacco control measures. Duration of tobacco use is more likely to be longer among those who start tobacco use at earlier ages than those who start it later in life. It has been shown that duration of smoking is a particularly important factor in increasing lung cancer risk.

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This further underscores the need for implementation of effective tobacco control policies to prevent initiation smoking tobacco use — and provide help with cessation for those who already use tobacco — among youth. Tobacco taxation is a major important intervention because youth teen more sensitive to survey in tobacco price.

Percentage and number of youth exposed to secondhand smoke outside the home by WHO Region, ages Numbers inside the bars represent the number of youth exposed to secondhand smoke millions. Section Navigation. On This Page. Page last reviewed: February 28, Content source: Email Address.

Prevalence of Tobacco Use among Children and Teenagers

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