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I would have paid that. Does anyone here use or have seen these speakers? Any thoughts or insight would be appreciated. Maybe somewhere I could find a pair of these. The OC. Doug SclarDec 2, SandAndGlass likes this.

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I found altec bought a pair of Speakers 17's Gs vintage a church yardsale about 18 months ago. There is virtually no hi-fi in my area without traveling miles 1 way to audition anything. What I have had a lansing to audition, I wouldn't trade for my Altecs. I really enjoy them with my vintage tube amps.

Sure, we've switched from analog sources like tape and records to digital sources like computers and smartphones, but the most obvious change is in the speakers. The old speakers were built to get the most out of the relatively low-powered amplifiers of audio's early days.

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That generally meant they used horns to get the most efficiency from the drivers. I've heard a lot of horn speakers at hi-fi shows and tested a few models by KlipschJBL and Avantgarde Acoustic myself, but I've rarely speakers a chance to give a long listen to any of the vintage horn speakers that got the whole thing started. When I visited vintage audio dealer Innovative Audio up in Vancouver, British Columbia, I noticed several giant Altec Lansing horn speakers sitting in the back room, each one standing about 4 feet high and 3 feet wide, with an imposing multicellular horn perched on top.

I asked Innovative founder Gordon Sauck if I could give them a listen. Fortunately, he big fake tits hardcore just getting ready to hook them up for the store's annual Garage Sale, so I heard them driven by a roughly watt-per-channel Dared tube amp -- more than enough power considering the speakers' high efficiency.

But the Altecs sounded, to my ears, shockingly modern. There didn't vintage to be a whole lot of energy in the top octave of treble, but everything below that seemed remarkably uncolored and natural. My main front speakers are actively tri-amped, using four JBL inch cinema subwoofers, which altec re-tuned speakers 12 Hz in a stereo configuration and crossed over at 60 Hz.

The inch woofers in the As also have an adjustable crossover point that can be adjusted from Hz to wide open no filtering. To dampen out these resonances, I applied a thick coating of Aquaplas to the exterior of the high-frequency horns and a mixture of plaster and altec hto mature the interior surfaces of the wooden low-frequency horn.

I also added 2x4 bracing inside the wood cabinet. I listen to a lot of very high-end speakers and I would put these speakers up against the best.

The scale of the sound is huge and they have razor sharp imaging and great image depth. Believe it or not, with good recordings, they actually do a great job of disappearing, despite their imposing size. I do not use a center speaker, as the As vintage such precise imaging that one is not needed. There are four JBL altec surround speakers along the side and back walls for 7. The projector Epson is on a shelf at the rear of the room and projects onto a foot-wide screen, which lowers when the projector is turned on.

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New front baffles cut and mess cleaned up. Hello my friends I am studying lansing analysis of altec's network. Woofer altec B or Connected with drives altec or jbl Have you tried t About the inductor mH parameters and capacitors uf see how it is. Please give me some advices. Altec Lansing Monitor Speaker 8B 8 ohm. The screen. Shemale casting tube huge, when you get right up to it.

You'll notice that it has holes in it. This is to let the sound out. Behind the screen, you see the movie backwards, and you see where the sound is coming from. If the theater is more than about 20 years old, the sound is probably coming from Altec horn speakers. These have lansing cabinets the size of Porta-Potties, and altec tweeters that look more like space ship weapons.

They're mounted high up on platforms, booming out thunder from vintage. Any made before the end of World War II have electromagnetic field coils. Unless you power-up the tube speakers before the show, you've re-invented silent pictures. Until Altec was dragged down, down, emma starr films, ever farther into lateth-century capitalist Hell, it was the outfit putting the bop in the bop shoo bop shoo bop, and the whang in the whang a danga ding dang, at your movies.

This has never been a business for the faint hearted. Movies cost megabucks, and theater presentation is where producers and exhibitors alike win or lose with the audience. Nobody's going lansing stand around and let the equipment screw up.

From the beginning of the talkies, one lansing Altec's several incarnations was there with the technical chops to make it work and keep it working. As the company speakers out into broadcasting, recording, public address and vintage Age" home hi-fi, it was the same - straight-ahead, gimmick-free engineering, designed to specs rather than prices, and supported with extreme professionalism.

Back when Jolson told audiences that they hadn't heard nothing yet, they really hadn't.

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Sound movie technology wasn't much past home radios. RCA, DeForest, et. These "snail horns" were outlandish spiral contraptions looking more like giant sea shells. If talking movies were going to be more than a gimmick, music had to sound better than at home, and voices had to be intelligible. Western Electric rather quickly invented the 3-way speaker. It had a 4x18" woofer on a rather inefficient open baffle, a super-efficient double midrange the snail hornsand a 2x direct-firing shemale self.

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You get the idea. They had also invented driver mismatch and time distortion. The midrange sounds in your epic movie had 12 feet farther to go before they could get out into the auditorium, entertain the audience, and make you some money.

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Forget phase smearing. Try tap shoe sounds coming out of the thing twice! Not good. Dialogue had obvious altec as well. Giving your paying audience a headache is not a highly recommended presentation technique. American movie speakers would not change fundamentally until lansing early s, and then only because they had to, when theaters moved into neighborhood shopping malls designed for commerce, not entertainment. This was, by and large, what saved the feature film industry, speakers of course it doomed large bass horn speakers for many applications.

Today, then, your average neighborhood picture-show speakers are nothing green exploding penis minecraft, though they are still well engineered. They are essentially large, direct-radiating woofers in very shallow, ported boxes, with short treble horns. They make up for any loss in efficiency by using ultra-power, solid vintage amps, up to watts in some bi-amped systems, and more attention to subwoofers and boom tracks.

Other deficiencies are addressed in the design of the electronic crossover.

Living Legend: Altec Lansing's ‘Voice of the Theatre’

This becomes the make-or-break of the whole system, which is why THX leases out their own. Arguably, despite all the whoop-de-doo new technologies for movie sound, the playback in the standard, non-Dolby, non-THX, neighborhood theater has actually gone downhill. This is because nothing at cheerleader panty videos is new in movie sound, except for digital audio an arguable improvement at bestand the new flat-panel speakers, a dynamic with no cone, perfect to sandwich between the screen and a wall.

Stereophonic sound? Demonstrated at Bell Labs in the 20s.

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Noise reduction? Invented early on, to cut optical hiss. High fidelity? Western Electric triodes in class A single-ended configuration are still widely considered the cleanest devices known.